Fes Festival of World Sacred Music 14-22 June 2019

Fes 2019

25th edition: 14-22 June 2019: Fes, at the confluence of cultures

Check out accommodation options at Fez Riads. Let us know you’re interested by writing to fezriads@gmail.com and we’ll put you on our mailing list for all news of the festival. We can help you with:

* accommodation close to festival venues

* we have all sorts of activities during festival week, including a popular excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage Roman Site of Volubilis and the nearby pilgrimage town of Moulay Idriss, a tour of the old Jewish quarter led by an expert in the Jewish heritage of Fez, and the renowned Artisanal Affairs tour in the Fez medina.

* planning further travel in Morocco through our sister site, Concierge Morocco. Browse the site for exciting itinerary ideas.


Festival Facts

This site is NOT the official Festival website. For the programme in English and to buy tickets online, please visit www.fesfestival.com/2019/en. Some aspects of the programme such as details Forum sessions are not yet in English on the site – ask if you need them. The brotherhoods performing at the Sufi Nights and the artists performing at Bou Jeloud Square are not yet listed. Some new concerts have been added recently: Youssou N’Dour on 20 June at the Kingdom Choir from the UK on 22 June (before the flamenco).


Check our site here to see the type of accommodation you can expect in the Fez medina. We can advise on making sure you make a booking close to Festival venues. Let us know your dates, bed arrangements and budget, and we will send you some options.

Seating and Ticketing

  • Seats are not reserved. Get to the venue in plenty time if you want a good seat.
  • Seats are raked at Bab al Makina; elsewhere they are on the flat. There are usually no or few chairs at the Nights in the Medina venues, but carpets on the floor.
bab al makina plan
Plan of Bab al Makina. The stage is on the left.
  • At Bab al Makina, you can buy A or B seats. A seats are located closer to the stage; B seats towards the back of the auditorium. If you buy a pass, you automatically have A seats.
  • There is a side screen at Bab al Makina, on one side of the stage.
  • A pass to all events including the Fes Forum costs 350 Euros and automatically includes A seats for concerts at Bab al Makina.


  • Afternoon concerts are held in the Jnan Sbil Gardens (photo below: The View from Fez)

jnan sbit concert

  • Big evening concerts are held at Bab al Makina, the open-air parade ground in front of the Royal Palace. It’s off the western edge of this map, across Boujloud Square.




  • Free concerts are held each evening at Boujloud Square, close to Bab Boujloud.
  • Nights in the Medina concerts are held in smaller venues including the music conservatory Dar Adiyel (blue 5), Sidi Mohamed Ben Youssef Cultural Complex (blue 4), Palais Glaoui (near red 3) and the Ibn Danan Synagogue in the Mellah (Fez el Jdid).
  • Sufi Nights at 23h00 are free of charge and are held at Dar Tazi (blue no. 2).
  • The Fes Forum: Held on the first two mornings of the festival, 15 and 16 June, this will take place at the Prefecture Hall in Batha, opposite the Batha Museum (blue 1).


  • Weather can be variable: it can rain, be very cold and windy at Bab al Makina, or stiflingly hot. It’s best to bring layers, something waterproof, a sunhat and a fan. In the second half of June, you can expect temperatures of at least 35 degrees C.
  • Seats are not particularly comfortable. If necessary, bring a cushion. In some venues, there are no chairs, but carpets on the floor to sit on.
  • Consider taking a trip or arranging an activity while you are in Fez. You’ll find some ideas here. We organise our well-loved annual day excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage Roman site of Volubilis and the pilgrimage town of Moulay Idriss on the Wednesday of the festival, when there are no concerts until the evening. This year we have added a tour of the Jewish quarter, the Mellah, led by an expert. Contact us to book. 
  • Reserve your accommodation in good time as guesthouses closest to festival venues fill up quickly. Getting to the venues is always on foot, except for the Ibn Danan Synagogue in the Mellah, for which you could take a taxi. It’s about 25 minutes’ walk from Batha.
  • Many restaurants serve dinner early and/or later so that you can attend evening concerts. Keep an eye on the What’s Hot! page on this site closer to the festival.