Fes Festival of Sufi Culture

18-25 April 2015


This 9th edition of the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture has as its theme The Religion of Love: from Rabiaa, Ibn Arabi and Rumi to today. There are lectures, discussions and debates in the mornings and afternoons, and concerts in the evenings. Many of the performances by various Sufi brotherhoods from Morocco and beyond are free of charge.


For the full programme, please visit the Festival’s website.


Provisional Concert Programme

 Saturday 18  April

20.30 Batha Museum: Mystic recital dedicated to Rabiaa al Adawiya (Dh200)


Sunday 19 April

20.30 Batha Museum:  Samaa of the Boutchichiyya  Qadiriyya Sufi brotherhood (Morocco) (free of charge)


 Monday 20 April

20.30 Batha Museum: Concert:  ‘Aşkın Sesi: The Voice of Love’  :  Mevlevi music for the ney:  Kudsi Erguner (Turkey)  (free of charge)


Tuesday 21 April

20.30 Batha Museum: Samaa of the Khalwatiyya Sufi Brotherhood :  Chaykh Nur Allah Fath (Turkey) (free of charge)


Wednesday 22 April

20.30 Batha Museum: 

First part : Samaa of the Rifaiyya Sufi Brotherhood (Turkey) (free of charge)

Second part: Samaa of the Naqchbandiyya (Bosnia)

Thursday 23 April

20.30 Batha Museum: Samaa of the Sufi Brotherhoods Charqawiyya and Wazzaniyya (Morocco)  (free of charge)


 Friday 24 April

20.30 Batha Museum: 

First part: Samaa  of the Siqilliyya Sufi Brotherhood (Morocco)  (Dh200)

Second part: Sufi singing from Aleppo, Syria: Homage to Jalaleddine Weiss


Saturday 25 April

20.30 Batha Museum: Sufi Samaa and Andalusian Music (Dh200)

(photo credits: Fes Festival of Sufi Culture)