Asilah is a small town about 40 minutes’ drive south of Tangier. It’s easily accessible by train from Fez or Casablanca (both journeys around 4 hours). It has a pretty medina on the seafront with an swashbuckling pirate history. There are wonderful seafood restaurants all over town and excellent antique and carpet shops. South of the town are some rocky coves and Paradise Beach lies about an hour’s walk south; north is a wide expanse of beach. There are some big coastal developments going on here, but the medina remains a quiet and tidy enclave of interesting architecture with a Portuguese flavor. There’s an arts festival every July, and many of the artists are invited to paint murals.

We have several guesthouses available in Asilah. Please contact us for details, or see Concierge Morocco if you’d like to include Asilah in your Moroccan itinerary.