How do I find out about the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music?

The Festival dates are 13-20 June 2014.

The Festival’s website is and you can buy tickets online. Alternatively, book them through Fez Riads and we’ll deliver them to your guesthouse in time for your first concert.

You can book individual concerts or take a pass just for the concerts, or a pass to the concerts and the colloquium. The colloquium lasts four mornings, beginning on the first Saturday. It’s held at the Batha Museum .

There are two categories of seats for the concerts at Bab al Makina in the evenings, A and B. The seats are unreserved, but the B seats are further back. It’s a huge auditorium (actually a parade ground in front of the Royal Palace ) and the seating is raked, but the B seats are not at good as the A seats, as is reflected in the pricing. Please note that if you buy a pass, you automatically have A seats. It is sometimes possible to buy tickets at the venue prior to the concert, if it isn’t sold out. There is just one category of seating for the afternoon concerts at the Batha Museum and it’s a much smaller venue.