What’s public transport like?

The railway network is very good. You might like to travel first-class as it’s a little more comfortable and not much more expensive. See www.oncf.ma for schedules, but you can’t book online. There’s also a very useful iPhone App TrainTimes Morocco or TrainTimes Maroc.

Be warned about men who board the trains at Meknes, target the tourists, and tell them that their hotel has burned down/closed/is full of thieves. It’s a scam. They might also try to hire themselves out at guides – don’t fall for this either, as they’re not registered.

Local buses are best avoided, but inter-city buses are fine. The best bus company is CTM with good vehicles. It’s best to go to the CTM bus station and book at least one day in advance but again, you can’t book online. Otherwise, get around by taxi. Petit taxis go as far as the city limits; grand taxis go further (the airport run can only be done by grand taxis). You might like to hire a grand taxi for a day to go to Meknes and Volubilis, which will cost Dh800-1000. Otherwise squeeze in with the locals in a shared grand taxi – it’s much cheaper.