Restoration Projects & High Atlas Foundation

Fez Riads was set up with the express intention of supporting restoration work in the Fez medina carried out in a private capacity.

December 2006 saw the first projects get off the ground, and Fez Riads would like to thank all the guesthouses featured on this site, who contributed a minimum of 2% of clients’ accommodation costs to the restoration fund.

From 2016, we changed this approach and instead support the High Atlas Foundation alongside our sister site, Concierge Morocco. Booking with Fez Riads or Concierge Morocco means that you automatically support this foundation that funds grassroots development in predominantly rural disadvantaged communities in Morocco.  The projects on the go now include women’s cooperatives, fruit tree agriculture, clean drinking water, highly profitable and ecological irrigation, and participatory planning and management training in partnership with Hassan II University in Mohammedia.