Secure your reservation

To make a reservation, most guesthouses require full or partial bank card details. This page allows you to supply these with full security and peace of mind.  Please only send this form after we have sent you some guesthouse options to choose from.

There are various categories of guesthouse reservations:

  • Those who will take a deposit of between 30 and 50% from your card.
  • By far the greatest majority: those who require the details but will not debit your card unless you cancel late or don’t arrive.
    Fez Riads always supplies the cancellation policy of such guesthouses so that you know how much time you have to cancel without incurring a fee.
  • Those who require the details but don’t have card facilities. These guesthouses ask for details as a form of guarantee that you are serious about your reservation. As they don’t have the machine supplied by the bank and usually don’t ask for full details, they can’t use the information.
  • Those who use Paypal. The owners of these guesthouses will contact you directly and Fez Riads doesn’t need your card details.

Please complete the following information, and remember that this form is sent via SSL encryption so your details are safe and secure.

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